Month: Last updated Jul 17, 2018

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5 Keys to Drive Customer Loyalty

There are countless brands to choose from and just as many reasons to choose (or not choose) one over another. What drives a consumer to purchase an object or service from one company over the next? Although many factors affect the outcome of a purchase, taking these five actions will help you positively impact your customer’s buying process.

1. Personalize your message

People love to see and hear their own name — which explains why there are so many name key chains at souvenir shops and brands like Coca-Cola have personalized their products down to the can. Consumers like to feel as if something was made just for them.

These days, personalization isn’t limited to the object itself. Now, the experience of purchasing must be personalized. Every action, every coupon, every touchpoint should be tailored to each individual customer.

Consumers aren’t afraid to speak out about what they expect, either. In a recent study by customer data platform Segment, 44% of consumers noted that a personalized shopping experience will lead to another future shopping trip.

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