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Your Mass Marketing Campaigns Aren’t Enough: 5 Ways for Marketers to Take Personalization in Retail to the Next Level

We define personalization as one-to-one marketing in the truest sense — one brand speaking directly to one specific customer. For digital marketing, this is increasingly becoming the norm, as today’s savvy consumers grow impervious to mass marketing techniques and expect personalization at each and every touchpoint. The demand for more personalized marketing was recently confirmed […]

Hyper-Personalization in Marketing: 6 Components for Crafting a Successful Strategy

Gut instincts only go so far in this business. While you may be convinced that personalized content (what we at RRD call “hyper-personalization marketing”) is the most effective way to attract, retain, and grow customers (improve customer retention), you also need hard proof and a disciplined plan of attack to set the strategy in motion. […]

10 Personalization Statistics You Need to Know: Why Personalized Marketing is the Way to Go

Fact: Consumers are tired of being treated like a number. Actually, they’re not tired of it, they’re over it. And that’s why personalized marketing matters for any brand looking for long-term customer loyalty. Consumers, aka your customers, place a high value on being acknowledged as an individual. They have increasingly come to expect a personalized […]

RRD’s Doug Ryan Talks Company Transformation on The Tech Blog Writer Podcast

In an episode of The Tech Blog Writer Podcast with Neil Hughes, Doug Ryan, President of RRD Marketing Solutions, discussed the future of marketing in the digital age, and what RRD is doing to adapt as a leader in the unpredictable marketing industry. This is our synopsis of the topics discussed. Listen to the interview […]

Strategy: 4 Pillars Elevating Customer Experience Management (CXM)

Delivering an impactful customer experience today means communicating with consumers across multiple touchpoints (e.g., online, email, video, mobile, print, social and in-store). And beyond the traditional model of providing customer service, a true, strategic customer experience involves tailored tech touchpoints, personalized interactions and convenience for those consumers who are always on. Take Adobe, which has […]

5 Tough Questions: Content and Creative Services in Healthcare

“Playing catch-up” — that might be the quickest way to describe the current state of content marketing in the healthcare industry. From outdated clinical content to overstretched in-house teams to multichannel distribution, there’s a strong chance healthcare marketers feel like the odds are starting to stack against them. It may be time to seek out […]

3 Factors to Consider for Subscription Box Service Success

Many retail brands have already launched into the newest channel of customer engagement, subscription box services, and those that haven’t are probably evaluating whether it makes sense for their business to help drive revenue and customer loyalty. With increased demand for personalization and convenience from consumers, subscription box services have been on the rise, with […]

3 Strategies for Avoiding Email Fatigue in the New Year (and Beyond)

Rapidly evolving consumer behavior and industry dynamics don’t afford marketers the luxury of resting on their laurels — particularly when it comes to competing for crowded email inbox attention during the head-spinning holiday season. Take a few minutes to reflect on your brand’s end-of-year email marketing approach now and consider these practical tips for success […]

6 Tips to Scale a Subscription Box Service

If you’re passionate about anything from hot sauce to crazy socks, chances are there’s a subscription box service for it. The subscription box industry has grown rapidly in recent years, surpassing 11 million subscribers in 2017. The growing interest in subscription services hasn’t gone unnoticed, with investors pouring some $1.6 billion into subscription service companies […]