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How Marketers Can Strengthen Healthcare Member Engagement — and Prevent Attrition

If you’re looking to strengthen healthcare member engagement and prevent attrition in the rapidly changing healthcare marketplace, then you’re going to have to spend a lot more time getting to know your members than you used to.

Today’s members are increasingly informed consumers and smart buyers. The most successful health plans today are responding to this shift by taking the time to focus on what members want and on who they are as people. These plans ask the following about their customers:

  • What is their life like?
  • Where do they live and shop?
  • What are their passions?
  • What drives them?

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Take Our Generational Segmentation Quiz: Which Generation Do You Belong In?

Generational segmentation helps marketers understand consumer trends broadly — but sometimes it feels like we’re lumping everyone together based solely on the year they were born. If you’re sick of organizations pigeonholing you into your generational cohort (and this Millennial definitely is), then you’re going to like our five-question quiz.

We’d like to know who YOU are — and not just where you fit in on the generational spectrum. Are you a Baby Boomer soul hiding in a Millennial body, or vice versa? How do your media habits and attitudes match up with the characteristics we see across a generation?

Take our five-question quiz to find out.

Spoiler alert: you might not fit in where you think.

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Your Mass Marketing Campaigns Aren’t Enough: 5 Ways for Marketers to Take Personalization in Retail to the Next Level

We define personalization as one-to-one marketing in the truest sense — one brand speaking directly to one specific customer. For digital marketing, this is increasingly becoming the norm, as today’s savvy consumers grow impervious to mass marketing techniques and expect personalization at each and every touchpoint.

The demand for more personalized marketing was recently confirmed by Salesforce’s State of the Connected Customer report, which found that “51% of consumers expect that by 2020, companies will anticipate their needs and make relevant suggestions before they make contact.” That’s a high expectation for brands to meet and a challenge that requires marketers to create a unique, personalized experience for every customer in a world where mass, impersonalized marketing runs rampant. It’s imperative that retail brands adapt to consumer expectations now, or fall by the wayside next to industry disruptors like Amazon.

In 2018, online retailers need to enhance their marketing strategies through innovative techniques and take personalization to the next level to meet growing consumer demands. Here are five personalization strategies that retail marketers should look to adopt this year.

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Hyper-Personalization in Marketing: 6 Components for Crafting a Successful Strategy

Gut instincts only go so far in this business. While you may be convinced that personalized content (what we at RRD call “hyper-personalization marketing”) is the most effective way to attract, retain, and grow customers (improve customer retention), you also need hard proof and a disciplined plan of attack to set your plan in motion.

Our latest whitepaper, Hyper-Personalization: The New Frontier of High-Impact Marketing, can help you make your case. Learn how leading brands like Target, General Motors, and more are mining rich customer data for detailed, bespoke marketing messages that speak to individual consumers. These methods deliver powerful results — and in ways general messaging can’t.

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6 Digital Marketing Trends for Your 2018 CX Strategy

At RRD, we’re fortunate enough to sit right at the intersection of digital marketing and customer experience. Knowing that, clients will ask for our thoughts on what we see as trending and whether or not it should influence their business’ strategy this year or next.

It’s a welcomed request and one that brings our research and customer experience teams together to talk about where things are and where they’re headed. Here are six trends on our radar for 2018 … There’s a good chance they should be on yours as well.

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